Google Glass: Innovation or invasion?

With the UK release of the Google glass this week, I can only wonder if this is the ultimate gadget for those who, and let’s be honest, have everything? Or is it just a step too far for an easy, accessible threat of personal privacy? Now, let me be clear, with a keen eye for film making, I’m delighted with the concept of ‘point of view’ recording techniques being used more frequently,  but to what extent would I be comfortable as the subject?

With just a blink of the eye recording can instantly take place leaving the focus/ subjects unaware footage is being taken. As a film maker this could be advantageous; as people can function rather erratically as soon as they see a camera. However who draws the line between documenting realism and unnecessary surveillance.

With this novel technology only just becoming available to the public, we cannot be sure of the predicament this will have on usage in private and public establishments, this will only happen over time. However I can be sure that Google Glass will change the way I look at those looking at me.

Have a look at some of the creative ways to get the most out of Google Glass.


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