Spreadable media: ‘little steps, big achievements’

I have recently addressed the topic of spreadable media in reference to a couple of projects I’m currently working on, so it’s about time I divulged into the topic further.

The concept of spreadable media is habitually a misunderstood concept; mainly due to modern marketing and commercial distribution in an every expanding digital world. The key factor to spreadable media is circulation; which is an aspect predominantly due to audience perception and participation. This can’t be forced upon audiences, with excessive distribution; it has to encompass key elements that cause people to share, consequently giving audiences influence of the publication itself.

This is concept has become a major contribution in modern-day marketing and using specific ‘steps’ both businesses and social media enthusiast can enhance media circulation. Jonah Berger, the author of ‘contagious: why things catch on’ demonstrates clear principles that drive media to spread using the human aspects of marketing:

Social currency– The ability to circulate artefacts that give the distributor a certain representation, i.e. smart, funny, cool.

Triggers– subjects with easy and memorable features, i.e. effortless gossiping.

Emotion– arousal of emotions can lead to digital conversation, whether it is joy, anger, fear; provoking feelings is a powerful stimulus.

Public– gaining a public identification, publicity leading to imitation.

Practical value– useful information that people can pass on.

Stories– if a story is interesting enough, people will talk about it, sometimes; it incorporates other steps, such as emotion or social currency.

Using these steps I will be developing several online artefacts and evaluating their circulatory performances over the next few weeks, so watch this space.

Here is a fine example of spreadable media utilising emotional and story-telling ‘Steps’:


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