Idents – small indicators with significant value

idents new pic

Idents are a visual image or video used to identify a television broadcaster, production company or channel. They are short and unique; which gives them ample opportunity to be frequently used throughout programming, with maximum marketing potential. The key to multiple Idents is to maintain the identity of the logo/relatable image operating but with different stories/visuals taking place. E4 are distinguished in this field, with their unique and sometimes controversial E Stings. The channel even gave viewers the opportunity to create and submit their own E-stings, for a 2013 competition, which resulted in many winners having their works represented on the channel itself.

A recent example of a various idents has been BBC Two’s 50 year anniversary campaign showing past and present idents from the BBC archive:

With thanks to: Put the telly on

From that look down memory lane, we can all distinguish at least one of these clever idents, which one could say signifies the idents success. This week I will be working on creating my own Idents, for this site and future video endeavours, so what this space.


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