Paula Hepburn

Audio, Video and Social Technologies MSc  

Professional Sound and Video Technology BSc (Hons)

The University of Salford, Media City, UK.

‘As a recent MSc graduate from The University of Salford, I can found frequently roaming the concrete of Media city. I’m currently a part time member of the Delatre media graphics team, working on numerous BBC, sporting programs, such as Match of The Day and Final score.

In both my masters and employment I have attained various skills including, camera operative skills, advance postproduction, animation and graphics response editing, sound design, location mic. operation and social media analytics. As a science and sport enthusiast I enjoy transforming my academic experiences into helpful and enlightening blog posts and GIFS that, I hope, will inspire more women to embrace the power of media technology.

Feel free to browse my employment and work experience pages for further information. And my blog posts if you fancy some lighthearted reading.’


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